domenica 24 marzo 2013

Proper presentation.

Hi everyone,
I am back here I think for the 3rd or 4th time. Whatever! This time I'm writing in English, so that not only Italian people can follow and read me (I apologize for possible mistakes). Well yes, I am an Italian girl that hates showing herself but loves sharing... more or less everything that's in her mind.
Once I had a wonderful section on the blog, dedicated to the "Outfit Of The Day" (the very famous OOTD. Oh, I love such -fashionbloggers- things!*-pleasereadbelow
The outfit of today is mixed up, as usual, with pictures from You can find my Fashiolista profile --->HERE<--- (follow meee :P).
It's called "Striped Yellow Spring". Guess why.

I'm not a bustiers lover, but this time I think it could match the other stuff. And black is not properly in my spring-style, but since the weather is still sucking, it is perfect. And with a touch of black every outfit is very fine!
Hope you like it! 

*Just jocking. I don't like who thinks about only fashion and clothes and -Oh my God I'm so freaking beautiful!- as fashion bloggers usually do. That's why I'm not putting my face in it. This is NOT a fashion blog. Just sometimes. It could seem. Whatever.